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Trodat Printy 4912 Self-Inking Stamp


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Trodat Printy 4912 Customizable Self-Inking Stamp

Size : 47 x 18 mm


Presenting world class Trodat Selfink Stamp from Ajantastamp.com
With the self-inking stamp from Ajantastamp.com, avoid repetitive handwriting and clerical errors.
A variety of stock messages are available or we can design one just for you.

• Produced using only top quality inks and nylon stamp materials
• The ink is contained within the stamp separate ink pad is required.
• More than  20,000 perfect impressions before starting to fade.
• Easy to re-ink for 20,000 more impressions.
• Available in black, red, blue, green and purple ink.
• any logo Can be made on stamp.